I’m a dating expert – I encourage my clients to see multiple people at once by following one simple man… – The US Sun

I’m a dating expert – I encourage my clients to see multiple people at once by following one simple man… – The US Sun

DATING can be a tiring process, and according to one expert, it may be because we’re doing it all wrong.

A relationship expert and dating coach revealed she encourages her clients to date multiple people at once in an attempt to be more efficient with their time and love – and they only need to follow one rule.


Dating coach Aly has shared her top tip when it comes to datingCredit: TikTok


While her advice is directed at women, it can be used by anyoneCredit: TikTok

In a video shared with her 55,000 followers on TikTok, the coach, who goes by Dating with Aly, revealed the mantra she teaches women to live by when it comes to dating: “If you’re not in a committed relationship, why are you committing to someone who hasn’t committed to you?”

She explained that she wishes women were more comfortable with this question so they would feel freer to date around rather than becoming uber-focused on one potential match right away. 

“Like this is exactly why you get so attached to a guy early on when he hasn’t even proven himself to you, when he’s not even your boyfriend, when things aren’t even exclusive,” she said.

“If you were dating other people and you weren’t just putting all of your eggs in one basket for a basket that … hasn’t even proven to be worth it yet, you wouldn’t be so consumed by this one guy,” she reasoned. 

Aly went on to explain that it’s perfectly fine to be clear with a date that you’re seeing other people.

In fact, she said being upfront with them will actually improve your chances of finding a healthy relationship in the long run.

“If he wants you to himself, he’s going to make that happen,” Aly stated.

“The men who want a relationship with you, they don’t get scared off by that.

“If anything, it excites them and it gives them something to work for because they wanna win the prize and the prize is you.” 

Aly also said practicing this will help raise your standards and make you more aware of the people you attract. 

“Keep [seeing others] until somebody earns their sole spot in your life, in your romantic life,” she concluded.

Considering a 2020 Pew Research Center study found that 75 percent of single people think locating the right person to date is quite difficult, this might just be the advice they need to find someone actually looking to give them their love.

Of course, it would help if they’re aware of just what people are looking for. 

A study released from dating app Happn found that people are searching for loving and caring partners, people who are kind, people with a great sense of humor, and loyalty in 2022.

And if finding a partner through personal connections …….

Source: https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/4433474/dating-expert-encourage-clients-see-multiple-people-at-once/